Walk in the Rain & Dinner at Ichi no Hunairi 一之船入


A rainy day in Kyoto isn't as gloomy as it feels here in London. The clean streets and lovely greenery make sure the rain is as clean and pure as it can be, that a little splash on the shoes isn't as frustrating as it usually is. Plus the 5 quids convenience store umbrella is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. They are that good that until some point, I was praying secretly for some drizzle so I have an excuse to go in to a 7 Eleven to buy an umbrella. 

Obase Italian Japanese Fusion, Kyoto


Situated on one of the busiest shopping districts of Kyoto city centre, Obase is a little hidden gem located on a small side road, serving creative Italian/Japanese fusion dishes using seasonal, local ingredients. Although the rest of the interior decor remained minimal, they did not spare any expense when it comes to designer lightings. 

Kiyomizu Temple & A City for Its People


There are days, when the second you wake up and you just have the best feeling about them. The blue sky looks promising, you've no particular plan for the day. But you just know everything you see will look beautiful and everyone you meet will be nice and funny. This was one of those days right here.

Arashiyama Boats to Sanjo Roads


I live in London, and I love the city for a well balanced city scape with a mixture of busy streets and serene parks and greens. And to me, any city that's great to live in needs a good blend of things. Especially when it comes to what various locations have to offer. A short trip(20-30 mins by car from city centre) to the west of Kyoto, Arashiyama, will show you exactly that. 

From London to Kyoto


Two and a half years ago, Paul Smith's exhibition opened in Design Museum in London. Somehow I missed it just at my doorstep(doesn't it always happen? Thinking you can always go whenever you want, and you just never do). So this time when I realised it was on during my stay in Kyoto, I couldn't let it slip away again.



In the beginning of June, the whole family took a trip to Kyoto, Japan, for one month. I was the one particularly excited, because the last trip to Kyoto(which you need to read about hereherehere and here) completely blew my mind and had me rethinking about my life and values. Yes, that's how much I loved it. Kyoto for me, is the perfect blend of the past and future, of traditions and forward thinkings, and of the east and the west. 

3 Items to Invest in when You're on a Budget


As much as we want to shop all the items on our wishlist, it usually doesn't happen because we have good money senses and we give ourselves certain budgets(well, at least for most of the time). So let's say it's a happy payday, or time to drop a hint for an important one on one of those celebrated days of the year, what do we want to spend more on, to give an instant boost to ourselves? 

Sandals of the Moment


Mule sandals are one of the best accessories of the season. And you've probably already seen this twisted front knot satin pair from Nº21 somewhere in a magazine/website/shopwindow a few times, and wondered if it's wearable in real streets & life at all. I'm here to tell you, the road test was from every aspect, a success.
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